• LCD, LED, Plasma, HD and 3D TV's

  • Blu-Ray and HD DVD Players

  • Home Theater and Surround Sound Systems

  • Video Game Systems

  • Cable and Satellite Digital, HD, and DVR set top boxes

  • Universal Remotes

  • Desktop, laptop, and tablet computers

  • Wireless, Inkjet, and laser Printers

  • wireless routers and modems

  • Cellphones, smartphones,  and pda's

  • bluetooth headsets

  • Digital Cameras and photo printers

  • USB jumpdrives and external harddrives

Our consultations cover a myriad of devices and systems --- providing comprehensive solutions that address your total household technology need.  We provide advice that can optimize the networking and integration of technology devices and systems, which often overlap in functionality and inter-connectivity.

  • Security and surveillance systems

  • programmable thermostats

  • home automation systems

  • and more...

Your Technology, Our Knowledge and Experience

Bring our expertise and know-how to your home

  • Home Technology Needs Analysis
  • Device and System Troubleshooting
  • Hardware and Software Training
  • Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox Internet Browser Setup & Training
  • Email Setup and Training: including Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, and more...
  • Wireless Network Configuration and Troubleshooting
  • Cellphone, Internet, Cable TV, and Home Telephone Service Provider Plan Review and Comparison

Making Today's Technology Work For You!

We leave no stone unturned when you choose to become our client.  Every consultation is approached with passion and enthusiasm.

We strive to deliver nothing less than perfection to our clients.  We provide help with all phases of the Home Technology Ownership Cycle:  Product Research > Purchase > Installation > Programming/Configuration > Maintenance > Upgrade > Replacement. 

Depending on your needs, we'll perform any or all of the following:


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Home Technology Consultations

Our Comprehensive approach

Our Consultations provide help for a wide array of devices and systems