We are independent!  Unlike others, we have no equipment to sell you, no special deals for you to purchase, nor is our help limited to certain types of technology equipment or systems.  Our independence provides us the freedom to identify the solution that meets your individual need, regardless of which company sells the product you need, or who provides the service you require.   Our only goal is to find the solutions that make your technology meet your needs!

We work for you

We deliver friendly, intelligent, trustworthy support by Carefully Listening to your concerns, Thoroughly Analyzing your needs, and Working Tirelessly with you to to implement your personal solutions.

anthony williams

Chief Technical consultant

P.O. Box 11227 Montgomery, Alabama 36111   |  334-467-1934  |  info@accessnewtechnology.com

  • Our Professional, Experienced, Knowledgeable consultants visit your home or business, listen, and ask reasonable questions to identify your unique personal technology need.
  • Next, we carefully review available solutions and work with you to implement the option that best meets your need.  Our help may be as simple as immediately setting up an email address on your laptop, smart phone and tablet; or as complex as desktop computers, monitors, wireless printers, wireless routers, and internet service providers, then coordinating the design, purchase, installation, and setup of your home or business office.  We'll even go to the store with you to buy that new tablet pc or we'll be there for you during that internet installation or service appointment.
  • Lastly, we review any changes with you, walk you through the steps to complete the tasks you use the most, and leave you customized quick guides to reference for common functions.

What We Do

Access New Technology Solutions is an independent technology consulting company whose mission is to become the family member, friend, or business partner you trust for help with today's technology

Making Today's Technology Work For You!


P.O. Box 11227

Montgomery, Alabama 36111